East End United Committees




To gather the Congregation in regular worship and praise of God which is celebrative, challenging and inspiring and develop faith through Christian Education of adults, children and youth.


To provide opportunity for and encourage all in exploring and expanding their understanding of God and God's ways, of the Christian traditions and teachings, so that all persons at each stage of their lives may know God as revealed in Jesus, the Christ, and serve God in love through the worship and work, fellowship and witness of the church.


Faith Committee Chair: Marian Stinson


Get in touch: faith@eastendunited.ca






Everyone says that you walk through the doors and you know you are in the midst of something good. This team's task is to ensure that the good is constantly supported, enhanced and delivered to members, adherents, shut-ins, newcomers and to the various communities within and beyond the Membership of the Congregation.


Part of this Committee’s mandate is to form a Nominating Team that shall match people’s gifts and talents with the positions on the Regional Ministry Council, Standing Teams and ad hoc groups are appropriately “peopled” so that the mission of East End Regional Ministry is achieved.

The ministry of the Membership Committee is to provide for the care and nurturing of the membership of the Congregation, focusing on retaining members, connecting with adherents and newcomers, providing pastoral care to shut-ins and others. It ensures that obligations of membership of well understood and proactively encourages participation in the life of the Congregation.


Membership Committee Chair: Mary Gerritsma


Get in touch: membership@eastendunited.ca






The ministry of the Stewardship Committee shall be to act as Stewards for the Congregation in managing the financial, property and other physical assets for the East End Regional Ministry. Responsibility for the care and maintenance of the church property.


Stewardship Committee Chair: Victor Chan


Get in touch: property.finance@eastendunited.ca






The Ministry and Personnel (M&P) Committee carefully balances three key roles:  a consultative and supportive role, a human relations role, and a conflict management role for the staff, volunteers, members and adherents of East End United.  M&P is a committee that the United Church of Canada requires be established whatever type of governance model is adopted by a congregation.  M&P is accountable to Council and make recommendations to Council for decisions on matters that fall under the committee’s responsibility.



M&P Committee C0-Chairs: Carol Bennett and Kathryn MacGregor


Get in touch: ministry.personnel@eastendunited.ca






The ministry of the Community Committee is three-fold:

  1. to raise awareness within the congregation of the needs and struggles of individuals/communities, locally and globally;
  2. attempt to address those needs and struggles through works of charity and by seeking justice;
  3. By building cross-cultural and interfaith relationships at the local and global level.


This committee includes interest groups made up of justice and outreach initiatives including shelter programs, food ministry programs, indigenous relations, LGBTQS+ issues and other community-centred diversity and inclusion programs.


Community Committee Chair: Karen Somerville


Get in touch: community@eastendunited.ca





Holds, on behalf of the United Church of Canada, the properties and the trusts for the use of East End United.  Properties include the real estate and funds held in trust by the three founding churches and any churches that join the East End United regional ministry in future.



Trustees Co-Chairs: Judith Ramsay and Fred Angus


Get in touch: trustees@eastendunited.ca