Cosburn United Church Building Sale


East End United is pleased to report that following a year-long sales process and a discernment process that extends back more than three years, we have completed the sale of the former Cosburn United property.


We wish the best for the new owners of this property and welcome them to the neighbourhood and look forward to our continuing ministry in the community surrounding.


Thank you to Victor Chan, Judith Ramsay, Greta King, and the entire Cosburn United Church sales team for their tremendous care and effort. Our sacred objects and any meaningful items have been respectfully received by East End United.


We acknowledge that this has been a long and sometimes painful endeavor, but we truly believe that the legacy of Cosburn United Church will live on in all the community ministry we already have begun and some that is yet to be imagined!


Please keep the former congregants of Cosburn United Church and Cosburn community in your prayers.



Pam Cameron

East End United, Council Chair

A Prayer for Cosburn 


Holy God, in your great goodness, 

You have blessed the many ministries carried on at Cosburn United Church. 

We know that the good work of the congregation continues in new spaces, and that You are with all in the congregation and community who grieve the loss of a space where they connected to one another and to You.  

As disciples of the risen Christ,  we praise You for the ways you take the losses of our lives and create new possibility and hope.




Rev. Sarah Miller