Cosburn United Church Building Sale


It has been a long, difficult, and for many people, painful decision to sell Cosburn. We lift up the Cosburn members who have journeyed with us in this process. We thank them for their bravery and vision. The sale of Cosburn will be used to fund a Community Ministry that is innovative, relevant, welcoming, and sustainable.


Here are some updates as to the progress we’ve made on the sale:

  • In a congregational vote on Sunday December 9 2018, members of East End United voted in favour (31 in favour and 4 against) of the decision to sell Cosburn campus.
  • Our building sales team, consisting of members from all three East End campuses, met with several real estate brokers and decided that CBRE could best represent the concerns of East End United.
  • Presbytery has officially approved the proposed sale of Cosburn.
  • The building was listed for sale on January 7 2019
  • Because many of the tenant’s activities slow down during the summer and we want to ensure they can carry out their programs to completion, a current condition of the sale is that the building remain open until June 2019.
  • We are not accepting new rentals at this time.


If you are a current tenant, and have a question or concern, please contact Janet Nichols: