COVID-19 and Out of the Cold


The Out of the Cold Program at Eastminster is not able to offer overnight accommodation during the current COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. However, we are committed to providing food and basic needs on a take-out only basis. Our services will be provided outside the doors on Danforth Ave.




Every Friday evening, from the beginning of November to the end of March, we will provide two take-out meals (a hot dinner and lunch kit), basic needs, limited select clothing and toiletries. All who are hungry or in need of basics are welcome.
Our volunteer-run program is organized and supervised by a dedicated group comprised of church and community members. Our ability to offer support for those in need in our community comes 100% from donations from individual, group and congregational donations.



From the first week in November to the last week of March on Fridays from 5:00 until 7 p.m. we will provide the following:

  • a friendly welcome
  • a hot take-out cup of chili / dinner roll
  • hot coffee / tea
  • a bag lunch to go (sandwich, fruit, drink, dessert etc.)
  • toiletries
  • PPE kits (masks, gloves, hand sanitizer)
  • clean select used adult clothing
  • new underwear and socks
  • new adult winter boots, coats, gloves (as donated/purchased)



Because of COVID-19 restrictions, there will be very limited opportunities to volunteer in the program this year. There may be a few opportunities for adults who are able to commit to volunteering 2-4 times/month. All volunteers are required to wear PPE and follow strict pandemic protocols.

There are many ways that you can support the program even though in-person volunteer opportunities are limited.

Donating items to support our food program enables us to purchase other high demand items that rarely get donated. Consider organizing a food or clothing drive for targeted items or raising funds to help us purchase required items.

The following will help fill our lunch bags:

  • cases of juice boxes
  • cases of protein drinks
  • cartons of granola bars
  • cartons of protein bars
  • Individually wrapped desserts (cookies, vachon products etc (commercially produced or fresh home-made but freezable - brownies, cookies etc no easily squished desserts)
  • cases of water
  • sandwiches and fruit (sign-up required)


    We are targeting very specific needed items that can be distributed quickly and easily outside by a skeleton volunteer staff. Please help us minimize the sorting and disposal of goods we can’t safely hand out by donating only the items listed. We have a good supply of women’s clothes and are only targeting men’s clothes currently. All donations must be laundered and in excellent condition. Donations can be handed to a volunteer on Thursdays from 6:30-7:30pm at the Jackman Doors and from 3:30-4:30pm Fridays at the west Danforth Doors. Please deliver donations only during the designated collection times.

    Used in excellent condition (all zippers /buttons work, laundered, no rips or stains):

    • men's jeans (no dress pants, thin cotton pants etc.)
    • men's sweat pants
    • men's hoodies and sweatshirts (no sweaters)
    • men's warm winter ski jackets (no cloth coats)
    • men's rain jackets
    • .
      New items:

    • all items listed above
    • priority: men's and women's underwear M - XL
    • sports socks
    • thermal socks
    • long johns
    • thermal undershirts
    • men's and women's ski gloves (no knitted items)


    Other non-clothing donations for clothing outlet:

    • men's and women's deodorant
    • razors
    • shaving cream
    • toothpaste
    • unopened boxes of disposable masks
    • small bottles of hand sanitizers
    • small packets of tissues
    • feminine hygiene products
    • hand warmers
    • packets of wet wipes



    The OOTC outreach initiatives are funded 100% by donations and run by volunteers – all money donated is used to fund the program.

    • $10 - buys a hot chili take-out and a bun and a bag lunch to go for a hungry person in our community
    • $20 - buys 3 pairs of long johns
    • $50 - buys a pair of boots or a coat or 2 boxes of masks
    • $120 - buys 30 pairs of underwear or 3 cases of protein drinks
    • $1200 – sponsors the program for one week (food, purchased clothing, toiletries and PPE)


    Cheques payable to East End United Regional Ministry: subject line: Out of the Cold.

    Tax-receipts (mailed in February) will be issued for any donation of $25 or more.



    Questions related to program, sponsorship or donations get in touch with our Program Coordinator, Gloria McPherson: