"We Won't Grieve Alone" group will run every other week till early December. Questions email griefsupport@eastendunited.ca.





We are a team of forward-looking, caring people who seek to live out our calling to active service in our church communities by reaching out to people in need, by telephoning and visiting, by providing transportation or accompaniment to appointments, and the delivery of small meals, always remembering that that pastoral caring is not a one way street.


We learn together by regular participation in monthly Pastoral Care Team meetings and bi-monthly learning workshops to which we invite everyone from our church communities, including youth and teens, our elders and everything in between. Pastoral Caring is a communal journey, something that is part of the whole people of God.


Our group meets monthly after church and we host Pastoral Care training workshops, once every couple of months. These workshops are themed and open to all.


If you would like to join the pastoral care team, would like to be visited or know someone in need, or would like more info on our upcoming Pastoral Care Workshops, contact Mary Gerritsma pastoralcare@eastendunited.ca