The sacrament of baptism is a cherished rite of initiation into the Christian community, the church.


The United Church offers baptism to all ages. We believe the gift of God’s love doesn’t depend on our ability to understand it, and so we baptize people as infants right up through adulthood.


Baptism is not a requirement for God’s love. We do not believe people who die without baptism are condemned or lost. This ancient tradition is a beloved rite of introduction to God’s world. Baptism uses water as a symbolic cleansing that signifies the acceptance of new life within the church family.


With children, instruction is given to parents or sponsors to equip them for the child’s Christian nurture. During the ceremony, everyone in the congregation pledges support for the child and his or her parents.


The sacrament of baptism is offered as a public initiation into the church and as such, East End United does not offer private baptisms. We do, however, perform baptisms several times throughout the year for both children and adults as a part of Sunday worship service to which friends and extended family are of course, warmly welcomed.


And don’t worry – there will be Kodak moments. To arrange a baptism, or for more information, please contact Rev. Daniel Benson



In the United Church of Canada, we see people as unique, loved creations of God and welcome all people to the full life of Christian community, including marriage. We believe God intends loving relationships to be faithful, responsible, just, healing, and sustaining of the couple and those around them, and that such relationships require preparation and nurture.


East End United celebrates the marriage of

  • couples of all gender combinations
  • previously divorced people
  • couples with differing religious backgrounds.


East End United is pleased to celebrate your marriage in our Glen Rhodes or Eastminster sanctuary or in the more intimate setting of our 50-seat chapel at Eastminster. Our ministerial staff will assist you with ceremony preparation and can provide support both before and after your marriage. For more informations, please contact Rev. Daniel Benson



It is our privilege to offer our place of worship and the skills of our ministerial staff to celebrate a life that has ended, as well as to provide personal support and grief counselling. It is not necessary that the deceased was a member of East End United.


To arrange a funeral, or for more information, please contact Rev. Daniel Benson