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Glen Rhodes

1470 Gerrard St E

All Services have been cancelled until further notice.


310 Danforth Ave

All Services have been cancelled until further notice.


1108 Greenwood Ave

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Holy Week Reflection from Rev. Sarah Miller


Here we are in a very different Holy Week. This week would usually be one of the busiest in the church, and while many of us are still busy, it is a very different kind of activity. In this different landscape, we walk towards the cross in new ways.


Our Maundy Thursday service remembers the meal Jesus shared with his disciples in a very difficult time. They gathered even though it was challenging to find a safe way to do so. They ate together and spoke of loss, betrayal and love. On Good Friday we reflect on the Stations of the Cross and go into the lament and sadness of the cross.


This time of pandemic has felt very fitting during Lent. We have all given up so much more than we expected to this year. But how do we move into the season of Easter when our lives remain very much in Lent?


In the same way as we hold the hope of Easter throughout the days of Lent, I would invite us all to hold the hope of life after pandemic in the midst of our practices of isolation and distancing. The first Easter celebrated the resurrection of Jesus but the context of occupation and oppression continued. Easter is God saying no to the forces of domination. Easter is God saying no to the ways we hurt each other and the ways we disconnect from our true selves. Even though we will not shift out of the time of giving up and letting go for some time, resurrection is still active in our lives as God calls each of us to live authentically, to love fully, and to seek justice.


I give thanks for the ways that we are connecting as community without meeting in person. It is so important that we stay home if we can and that we all minimize our in person contact with people as much as possible. This is one of the best ways we can say thank you to healthcare workers and grocery store staff who are caring for our health and ensuring we have access to food and essentials.


Please reach out if you are struggling with physical, emotional, or spiritual concerns. We are not alone. God is with us and calls us to love and serve one another. May it be so with us.

dropping onto a couch near you

Nurturing Our Spirits During Covid-19


This can be a challenging time for our bodies, spirits, and sense of community. We hope we can help by creating ways every day online to nourish your soul.


April 6-12 2020


Here's a schedule for how you can connect with us, each other, and the spirit every day this week at East End United.


*You do not need a Facebook, youtube, or google account to view any of our content.


April 5 Afternoon


Poetry and Song



Sarah Hallikas starts your week with an inspirational poem and song on Facebook.


April 6 11am-12pm


Coffee Break with Rev. Sarah and Rev. Jane


Check-in through video or voice group chat over Google Meets. Join by video or audio from your computer or call in +1 647-735-1636‬ and enter the PIN: ‪‪862 122 341‬#


April 7 Evening


Wednesday Church Night Reflection


Instead of meeting for Wednesday worship at Glen Rhodes, we'll be releasing a short reflection with Christine LeBlanc on youtube and Facebook.


April 9 7:00pm


Maundy Thursday 



We gather on Facebook Live to remember the meal Jesus shared with his disciples and his new commandment to love one another.

We will celebrate Communion together, so please have ready bread and juice or wine so that we join in from our individual tables.


April 10 10:30am


Good Friday Service


Join us on Facebook Live for a virtual Stations of the Cross experience featuring the Passion story and reflections on Holy Week from members of the East End Community.

April 11 Afternoon


Children's Time


Join our Children and Youth Program Coordinator, Mani, on Facebook for a check-in and Easter activities you can do at home.

April 12 10:30am

Easter Sunday Worship


We gather once again for an interactive Sunday Morning Worship service on Facebook Live. You do not need a facebook account to view this service.

April 12 11:30am

Digital Coffee Hour


Usually we would gather after the service to chat with each other over coffee, tea, juice, cookies and other treats. Instead we can now gather each Sunday after worship as a group over the phone or through video call on Google Meets. Join by video or audio from your computer or call in +1 647-735-1636‬ and enter the PIN: 160 247 298#‬