Exploration of the christ life

in the midst of our lives

In the coming weeks we will traverse through Ordinary Time between the high seasons of Christmas/Epiphany and of Lent/Easter—a time between the high moments of Incarnation and a revelation of the ‘Word made Flesh,’ and the drama of Life overcoming the powers of death-- the end which is no end. We celebrate how God’s love crosses cultural and geographical and even religious barriers to become good news for all people. We marvel at the persistence of God to guide us into the ways that lead to life's flourishing.


Join with us in exploring the life and ministry of Jesus through John’s gospel as week by week, we consider our own lives and call to discipleship in light of Jesus’ encounters with a rich and varied cast of characters. These will include: Jesus’s encounter with John the Baptist, and calling his first disciples; a joyous miracle at a wedding feast; a ruckus in the temple precincts; a late night conversation between Jesus and a senior Jewish leader; and a thirst-quenching encounter between Jesus and a Samaritan woman.


John’s gospel is described by some as the Mystic Gospel. Packed with wonderful, memorable and beloved characters, stories and images, it invites us into a prayerful, playful and imaginative exploration the spiritual life. Join the conversation as we spend some time with this most intriguing of gospels, and lean into the new future to which God is always calling us. Join us as we listen for the whisperings of Spirit through the prayerful exploration of these rich encounters.


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